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Students of Second Faculty of Medicine

Students of Third Faculty of Medicine


Focus of the Deparment

The Department of Physical Education offers a wide range of sporting opportunities for Second Faculty of Medicine and Third Faculty of Medicine. As a student, you can choose activities in the form of optional courses each semester or season, or you can become a member of the VSK Medik sports organization, which covers a large part of the courses and workshops.

Each sports course is taught for beginners and advanced students, so no previous experience is needed to participate. It is open to anyone with a positive attitude to be active and fit.


Our Priorities

Physical activities, applied in the prevention of various diseases, are integrated into the theory and practice of teaching medical students in order to provide students with the maximum necessary information. The student - future doctor, physiotherapist, health worker or nurse - will have to comment on physical activities and sports activities in his/her practice in terms of their indications and contraindications and should therefore be familiar with their possible effects on the body, both theoretically and practically.

The specific teaching is complemented by a wide range of sports activities, which we offer not only to students of all years, but also to our colleagues - employees of the Second Faculty of Medicine in Prague.

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