VSK Medik Praha

VSK Medik Praha, z.s.

  • Sport club for academic community of 2nd and 3rd Facutly of Medicine
  • Close cooperation with our department​
  • Organizer and financial supporter of sport activities, envents, courses​
  • Membership allows you participating in all events with little discount, free use of equipment for some sports and professional guidance​
    • 200 CZK per calendar year
  • ​For obtaining credits from all-year-round-organized sport courses you need to complete one 6-days course (type A) or two 3-days courses (type B) – list of courses at website


Committee of the club

Mgr. Petr Klein, @email

Committee members:

Mgr. Jan Gajdošík Ph.D., @email 

Mgr. Petr Horn, @email

Mgr. Michael Janek, @email

Mgr. Andrea Kovaříková, @email


See complete offer of sport courses.

For obtaining credits you need to pass one 6 days (A) or two 3 days (B) courses. (A = B + B)
Course type A – 6 days
Course type B – 3 days

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