Second Faculty of Medicine

Second Faculty of Medicine 

For more information about PE and sports courses see our infopack for international students.

For current information on physical education classes and courses including updated teaching timetable see – Teaching.

How to enroll in PE and sports classes?

General Medicine 

  • 1st-6th year of study is taught in the form of OPTIONAL SUBJECTS – OS 

    • possibility to enroll in any of them repeatedly each year of your study
  • we offer a large number of optional subjects and courses:
    • you can register them via SIS
    • if you register for OS Physical Education 1-6, the next step is registration of a particular sport via our web application (!)

How to access the application for registration of PE and enroll in sports?

1. Application for registration here.
    login details are the same as for CAS and SIS
2. choose the lesson or sport you want to attend
3. Click on "ZAPSAT" (enroll)
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