Dean's Sports Day

The Dean's Sports Day will be held on Tuesday 2 April 2019. On this day, all the teaching will be cancelled in its entirety.

All students and employees of the Second Faculty of Medicine are welcome to participate. 

Sport Area:

Sport Area: Sport Centre UK Hostivař
Praha 10, Bruslařská 10, 102 00
How to get there:
Underground to the station Skalka (line A), then bus number 125, get off at Gercenova station

List of sport activities available during Dean’s Sports Day:

Aqua fitness / 14.00–15.00 / 

Aqua fitness

Time: 2.00–3.00 pm

Sport area: Swimming pool, Sport Centre Hostivař
Sign Up: not necessary
Instructions: swimming costume without pockets, for girls one piece suit highly recommended
Teacher: PaedDr. Hana Milerová

Aerobic / 10.00–11.00 / Hall A1


Time: 10–11 am

Location: Hall A1 – SC UK Hostivař

Logging in: Not logged in

Instructions: with you – sportswear and solid sports shoes, a small locker closet locker

Organized by: Bc. Tereza Štveráková

Athletics Exercise + relay 4x 100 m / 14.30 / 

Athletics – relay 4x 100 m

Time: 2.30 pm

Meeting: 2.15 pm at water jump, athletic stadium Hostivař

Rules – one participant in the ball litter (male 7,26 kg, or female 4 kg), in the long jump and together the team in the relay for 4x 100 m.

The disciplines will be recalculated according to the multiplayer tables and the time to 100 m will be calculated from the relay time divided by four.

Especially the relay and the multiplayer will be evaluated.

Start conditions – at least one woman in the relay. The oval must not run in football boots or ‘sleeping bags’.

Entries: March 31, 2019 at @email

Organized by: Mgr. Petr Horn

Badminton / 11.00–14.00 / Badminton Arena Skalka Praha 10 – TESCO (metro Skalka)


Time: 11.00–14.00

Place: Skalka Badminton Arena (Baskalka – Tesco)

Instructions: Taking indoor shoes, sportswear / rackets and balls are available

Entries: March 30, 2019 @email

Meeting: 10.30 before entering the playground

Game system: singles / doubles – according to the number of entries

Organized by: Mgr. Klein

Basketball 3+3 / 14.30–17.30/ Hall B

Basketball 3 + 3

Date: April 2, 2019

Organizer: PaedDr. Květa Skálová

Location: Sports centre UK Hostivař – central hall – playground ‘C’

Time: 14.30–17.30

Capacity: 10 teams

Entries: March 30, 2019 by e-mail @email

Presentation: 14.15 in front of SCUK Bruslařská 10, Prague 10

Program: mixed team tournament 3x 3

Game system: basic groups of 2 by 5 teams – the system each with each, the group winners will play the 1st place match

Participants: students and employees of the 2nd and 3rd Faculty of Medicine

Note: Teams of four – three players are playing and one woman must be on the course for the entire playing time.

Each team will have dark and light shirts.

Beachvoleyball – tournament / 13.00–16.00 / Hamr Braník

Beach-tournament of mixed couples

Time: 13.00–16.00

Organizer of the event: PhDr. Markéta Kašparová

Location: HAMR Braník Sports Complex, Vltavanů 1542, Prague 4

Capacity: 8 mixed pairs

Entries: March 25, 2019 by e-mail @email

Presentation: 12.50 in the beach volleyball hall

Game system: 2 groups of 4 pairs, then in the order of the match group for 1st and 3rd place

Participants: students and employees of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine and the 3rd Faculty of Medicine

Soccer – tournament  / 10.30–14.00 / soccer field

Soccer Tournament

Time: 10.30-14.00

Location: SCUK football field

Instructions: maximum number of players in team 10. It is played according to the rules of small football 4 + 1. Teams must have uniform uniforms and whistles.

Logging in: by email to @email, until March 30, 2019

Organized by: Mgr. Petr Horn

Soccer – match graduates x students / 16.30 / soccer field

Soccer Match Students versus Graduates

Time: 16.30

Location: SCUK Football Field

Team meeting: 16.00 at the entrance to the pool

It is played 2x 40 min. with ‘hockey substitution’. Players are not allowed to use pins with pins.

Organized by: Mgr. Petr Horn @email

Overball / 13.00 / Hall A3


Time: 13.00–14.00

Location: Hall A3

Instructions: sportswear

Login: @email

Organized by: PaedDr. Věra Svobodová, CSc.

Pilates  / 13.00–14.00 / A 1


Time: 13.00–14.00

Location: A1 SCUK Hostivař

Instructions: sportswear

Entries: March 31, 2019 @email

Organized by: Bc. Tereza Štveráková

Sauna / 15.00–17.00 / sauna


Time: 15.00–17.00

Location: sauna, swimming pool SC UK – Hostivař

Entries: does not apply

Instructions: carry two towels (one to the sauna, one to the rest room), soft drink, entry through the pool area.

Rules: You are not allowed to enter a bathing suit or other clothing – use a towel or bed sheet.

Remove all rings, bracelets, pendants or other ornaments made of metal before entering the sauna.

Softball – tournament / 12.00–15.00 / Softball field


Time: 12.00–15.00

Location: SC UK – Hostivař softball court

Entries: March 31, 2019

Opening: 12.00, meeting 11.30 in SC UK on softball field, closing 15.00

Teams: min. 9 players

Game system: 7 shifts

Note: it is played on the official SC UK softball field

Organized by: Mgr. Přemysl Žák, @email

Stepaerobic / 11.00–1200 / Hall A1


Time: 11.00–12.00

Location: Hall A1 – SC UK Hostivař

Logging in: registration by March 31, 2019 at e-mail @email

Instructions: with you – sportswear and solid sports shoes, a small locker closet locker

Organized by: PaedDr. Hana Milerová

Volleyball – tournament  / 15.00–17.30 / Central Hall B + C

Volleyball Tournament

Time: 15.00–17.30

Location: Central Hall B / C

Entries: March 31, 2019 at @email

Instructions: game system according to number of registered teams. According to the rules of sixth volleyball. In each team at least two women on the course throughout the game.

Indoor shoes required.

Organized by: PaedDr. Ivan Čechovský

Yoga / 15.00–16.00 / Hall A1


Time: 15.00–16.00

Location: Hall A1 – SC UK Hostivař

Logging in: until March 31, 2019 at @email

Instructions: sportswear and shoes, a small locker closet locker

Organized by: Karla Laud

Zumba / 12.00–13.00 / Hall A1


Time: 12.00–13.00

Location: Hall A1 – SC UK Hostivař

Logging in: Not logged in

Instructions: with you – sportswear and shoes, small locker to locker room

Organized by: Elsa Zemánková

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