Requirements for Completing PE in 2020/2021

Obtaining credits of optional subject Physical Education:


Students registered in Winter semester

If you have not completed the requirements for the WS yet, you still have a chance to catch it up. For obtaining credit you have to complete at least 12 times 10 km of walking/runing or 20 km of cycling / different kind of sport instrument (e.g. inline skates, XC-skis) via the application All must be done until 31st of August 2021. Details below.

Students registered in Summer semester

Due to still lasting epidemiological situation all the sports must not take place in person. Therefore they are taught by alternative distant requirements - individual physical activities via application For each week, which cannot be taught, you have to complete either 10 km of walking/running or 20 km of cycling/different kind of sport instrument (e.g. inline skates, XC-skis). Combination of activities is allowed with proportional amount of kilometers. Each activity should be 5 km long (waling/running) or 10 km long (cycling). All mentioned applies until practical lesoons are allowed to be in person again or until the end of the semseter - 12 weeks in total. All must be done until 31st of August 2021. In case we will start to have PE in person again, distant requirements for SS will be reduced proportionally.


Credits for PE in 2020/2021 = at least 12 times 10/20 km via until 31st August 2021

The requirements can be modified by the Department of Physical Education according to the current situation.

Credits for PE will be confirmed in SIS after checking the requirements in the app STRAVA during the first half of September. If you complete the requirements earlier, you can contact Mgr. Michael Janek /@email/ with the link of your profile at Strava, full name, faculty and code of the subject under you have PE enrolled in SIS.

All mentioned above applies for optional subject Physical Education or Physical Training for international students of 2nd and 3rd FoM. Requirements for other sport courses are set by their guarantors.


Do not forget to join your faculty club in STRAVA:

International Students of Second Faculty of Medicine

International Students of Third Faculty of Medicine


How it works?

  1. download the app to your smartphone
  2. create your account
  3. join "your" club
  4. be active on regular basis and fulfill the requirements (at least 12 times 10/20 km)
  5. get the credits for PE





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